I am Andrea Anderton the owner and artist behind CREATIVE FOCUS STUDIO. (Previously known as Andrea Anderton Photography)
I have a real passion for art and photography, but most of all, for people and their stories. That passion has led me to my personal mission, which is: to help individuals feel confident and empowered through creative portrait artwork that really tells their story.
Ultimately, I help my clients design their space to showcase impactful one-of-a-kind artwork of the people, concepts, and stories that matter most!
There is something deeply inspiring and profound about the ability to create something out of nothing. To take an idea and bring it to life with the strokes of brush, the marks of a pencil, or the light through a lens - to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. 
My job as a creative portrait photographer is NOT to make my clients smile... My job is to bring out and reveal who they really ARE. 
Their story is at the core of everything I do.
There is real power in having your story told. There is real power in seeing artwork of yourself every day that perfectly captures the essence of who you are. Magic happens when your soul becomes an illustration that you can view with your own eyes.

Our stories are both what tie us together and what set us apart.
What is YOUR story?
Located in Southern Utah